Our inaugural performance!

On Tuesday night (Feb 27, 2018) we had our inaugural performance with our Core Four! We are very happy to welcome Stephanie McCorkelle, who has recently been able to join us from Tassie.

North Side Swing’s community night was quite literally thumping – down at the bar the roof was pounding with the dancing on the Stone Hotel’s second floor. I can’t tell you how envious I was of the fantastic moves that were on display.

As a taster for future gigs, we performed ‘Keep my Supper Warm ’til I Get Back’ by Andrew Piper, and ‘Faith’ by Stevie Wonder, which we have recorded as a demo. The applause and appreciation was stellar, and possibly even uncomfortably long considering our nervous butterflies – although I would love to get comfortable with that kind of reception!

Next on the schedule is Volare at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, where we will do two combined performances with a local Adelaide group, Ivory. We’re going to perform quite a bit more than two songs and some new repertoire, and we would absolutely love to see you there.

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