Only ONE Day Left To Pre Order Our Debut Album!

Hello again all you stunning Velvetonians!

There is just over one day left of our Pozible campaign! We have been overwhelmed by your generous support during this process. When this campaign started we were set to head into the studio to begin recording – so thank you all so much for ensuring we can afford to pay for the studio time and can turn it into a first class album we can be proud of! ❤️
After a weekend spent hard at work 🎤🎧

If you’d like a sneak peak of some of our hard work, check out a video we took after some early mixing work here

Things are sounding pretty lovely – if we do say so ourselves! 

We are extremely grateful to all those who have contributed so far 🙏 However, the mixing process is taking longer than we budgeted for. There’s still a lot of work left to be done and all your support means that we can continue working on making this album great!

If you haven’t already, why not pre-order your very own copy of the album?!

There are heaps of other rewards too, so jump onto the Pozible page and see what takes your fancy!

We would love it if you would share the love, too. Please pass this on to anyone who you think will enjoy our music!

You can find all the details of the campaign and rewards on our Pozible campaign page – See you there!

Only TEN days left of our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Hello you fabulously wonderful and attractive Velvetonians!

Just checking in with a quick reminder about our Pozible campaign! We have only 10 days left to get all the funding we need to make this album possible.  True… we have made our initial goal (which we are THRILLED about!!! – THANK YOU!!!)
We did, however, underestimate how much the mixing and producing was going to cost, so we’re falling a little short… and this is where we have to get a bit…well…


And ask for some more of your help!

If you haven’t already, why not pre-order your very own copy of the album!

There are heaps of other rewards too, so jump onto the campaign and see what takes your fancy!

We’d love it if you’d share the love, too.  Pass this on to anyone you may think will love our album!

Everything you need to know and all the details of all the rewards can be found on our Pozible campaign page.

Now… On to other stuff! 

We wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to all of the lovely people that joined us at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong with the Mae Collard Trio! We had such a fabulous time sipping champagne and singing our socks off!  The thing that made this gig so special was the warm reception we received from the gorgeous audience.  We are hoping to get back to this fabulous venue to do it all again next year, so keep a look out!

One last thing!

We all know that Christmas is fast approaching…Yay! And we love singing Christmas music almost as much as eating ham and xmas pudding!
So why not invite The Velvetones to your Christmas function?  We’d be a fun little addition to any work party, carols event or other function, so please – Get in touch!

The Velvetones Need Your Help

Hello loyal (and beautiful) Velvetonians!
You may or may not have heard that we are getting ready to record our DEBUT ALBUM!! You’ve asked for it, so we’ve decided it’s time to deliver!
We just have one small problem…

We’re a little low in the funding department 

But….This is where you step in!

We have just launched our crowd funding campaign with Pozible!

What does this mean? 

You can help us out by pre-purchasing your very own copy of the album! We’ll even sign it for you!

There are LOADS more rewards that you can get your hands on. Tickets to our launch in Melbourne, workshops, and a house party performance to name just a few!

The only caveat (and there’s always something, isn’t there?): if we don’t raise our goal of $12,000 then it’s all for nothing. Our benefactors get their money back, no one gets any of the lovely rewards, and there is no album.

So please give generously, and talk us up to anyone you think might like what we do! It takes a village!… Or about eight people to have us over for a house concert.

Everything you need to know and all the details of all the rewards can be found on our Pozible campaign page.

We would not be here if it weren’t for YOU so please get on board and get some fabulous rewards!

Coming soon to a Festival near you!

The Velvetones are warming your winter performing at Festivals up and down the east coast of Australia in Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland. We have learned a few new tricks, polished a few old favourites, AND we will be running workshops teaching one of our toe tapping a cappella songs.

Fancy Affairs have us putting on

Melbourne International Singers Festival 
Sunday 9th June 
4:15pm – Workshop @ Deakin Edge
7:30pm – Festival Showcase Concert @ Deakin Edge

 Voices in Paradise, Southport
Saturday 29th June 
10:00am – 5:00pm – Youth Workshop @ Griffith University
7:00pm – VIP Concert @ Griffith University

 Festival of Voices, Hobart
Wednesday 10th July 
6:00pm – Boston Childrens Choir & The Velvetones @ Government House

Thursday 11th July 
1:00pm – Free pop up @ the Cascades Female Factory

Friday 12th July 
1:30pm – Jazz a cappella workshop with The Velvetones @ Waterside Pavillion

Saturday 13th July
7:30pm – A cappella Showcase Concert @ Theatre Royal
Coming soon…
Our very own album! Watch this space.

Catch The Velvetones tomorrow night with Canadian a cappella looping duo, Freeplay

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Velvetones have recovered from the holidays, and we are kicking off our 2019 with international a cappella sensation FreePlay! If you love The Velvetones vocal stylings, we know you will enjoy Freeplay’s live’ looping, vocal percussion, and amazing versatility – we are talking New York jazz, Aussie pop, European classical, Indian ragas and Brazilian samba… we’re getting a bit of a musical crush, really.  

And you can see it all TOMORROW NIGHT at the MC Showroom! We will also be showing off a few new songs for you, so make sure you come along!
Click to buy tickets

The Velvetones present: Christmas Cheer

Season’s greetings!
We hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beginning of the festive season.
We are super excited to be singing our (Christmas themed) socks off and helping out a great cause this Sunday afternoon! On the 9th of December we are throwing a fundraising concert in Pakenham for Need for Feed, an organisation delivering emergency fodder to farmers in need. This wonderful group was recommended to us by Claire’s uncles, who are both farmers and often donate hay themselves. 
A delicious afternoon tea will also be provided! Please join us in helping raise funds for this great organisation and spreading some Christmas cheer far and wide with some carols, our usual collection of fun n’ fab songs, a cuppa and a yummy bite to eat.

To celebrate the beginning of the festive season (and because we love Christmas carols and songs, even when it’s not Christmas), here’s our latest jazzy Christmas song release.

Wishing you all a wonderful season and we look forward to see you soon!